The Craftsmen Ministry

The heart and soul of the Craftsmen for Christ ministry is this,
Meeting others needs with the love of Christ.

Since the very first project in 1990 CFC has been committed to using God’s resources — skills, materials, talents, food, and willing hearts — to meet the needs of others. Our primary work focuses on the physical needs of widows, the elderly, the disabled, and the fatherless. We construct wheel chair ramps, repair leaks, repair roofs, repair fences, install grab bars, repair autos, and various other tasks when deemed necessary.

CFC receives requests daily. While every request cannot be answered, each one is reviewed and prayed for. When volunteers and staff are available a site visit will take place to assess and prioritize the needs. After much prayer, CFC matches resources to needs. When skills, materials and volunteers to do the work match, CFC begins the work. Each project begins and ends with prayer. It is during this prayer time that real fruit of our labor is produced. Our desire is to build lasting relationships with the people that we help.

CFC meets weekly in Yuba City at 6:30 pm Tuesdays at the Bride Church, 1321 Peachtree Lane, for men’s fellowship, worship, study and prayer.

CFC incorporated in 1997 as a 501 (C)3 federal non-profit organization. CFC has 12 chapters in three states, that are represented by nine different churches. Each chapter takes on its own personality but the heartbeat of the ministry remains the same.

2 thoughts on “The Craftsmen Ministry

  1. Jacqueline Wheeler says:

    My daughter just had a stroke @ 37 years old and the wheelchair ramp we have needs repair. Can you please help us. She has already fallen once because of it since she was released from the hospital Sunday. Thank you and God Bless you. 530-315-5299

    1. Admin says:

      Hi Jacqueline, sorry to hear about your daughter. Please give us a call at (530) 822-7910 and we’ll fill out a service request for you.

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